Duke Inu Token Listed on FastSwap.Finance & PancakeSwap!

2 min readJun 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce the recent listing of Duke Inu on both FastSwap.Finance and PancakeSwap!

Duke Inu (Contract Address: 0xAEe234825dC4687faE606485c1eBD06336052bCc) can now be purchased on both FastSwap and PancakeSwap by entering the contract address above. In order to avoid front running bots, we recommend setting slippage to 3%.

In the last 24 hours, Duke token has had:

  • $9 million + in Trading Volume (FastSwap + Pancake Swap)
  • 5500+ Holders
  • 7.5% of Circulating Supply burnt
  • 7.5% of Circulating Supply distributed to hodlers
  • №1 trending on Dextools

It’s safe to say that holder and users are running to Duke to reap all its benefits, while also partaking in the FastSwap ecosystem which helped develop the project.

In addition to this listing, both Duke and FAST pool pairs will be coming in the near future to further increase your passive yield opportunities!

As always, the contract address above is the only contract address to use when buying or selling Duke, and no admin or developer will ever DM you privately asking for your wallet, Seed phrase, or for money. Please be safe and aware of scamming opportunities and please report any and all illegal activity to prevent the number of victims affected from scam attempts. When projects launch, bad actors take the opportunity to prey on those who may make a mistake during a new launch.

The team at FastSwap is excited for this successful launch and we will continue building both the FastSwap and Duke ecosystems. We thank you for your participation and contributions.

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Suhail: Marketing Strategist and Project Advisor for Cryptocurrencies