Fast Swap Finance is live on Binance Smart Chain!

3 min readMay 29, 2021


It is with great excitement to announce that is live on Binance Smart Chain!

Through this strategic move, FastSwap has opened itself up to an entirely new and flourishing ecosystem of traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that was previously untapped. It’s potential is easy to see, as Binance Smart Chain offers a cheaper, faster alternative to other Smart Contract hosting protocols.

To provide incentives and continuous benefits to our users for providing liquidity, Fast Swap farms are now live in Check out some of the APRs for FAST farms below!

When trying to utilize the new farms available for FastSwap, you can follow the tutorial below for assistance.

How to Farm in Fast Swap Finance?

Below we will show how to farm Fast-BNB LP, but the tutorial applies to all other farms available in Fast Swap.

  1. Acquire FAST (Through an exchange like FastSwap or PancakeSwap, official contract address: 0x4d338614fc25afe6edf3994f331b4bad32fb3c6a)

2. From the site, click the “Pools” tab if not selected already, then select “Add Liquidity”.

Click “Add Liquidity”

3. Allocate the desired amount of FAST to be sent to the Liquidity Pool (you will get compensated in a 1:1 ratio of LP tokens which will be used to stake and earn FAST)

4. There will be 2 separate transactions which need to be completed before being able to stake your FAST. First, you must approve the amount of FAST (Set approval amount to unlimited to avoid re-approving the transaction if amount is greater than previously selected).

Click “Approve FAST”

5. The 2nd transaction you must confirm the supply amount for staking rewards.

Press “Supply”

6. You will then receive your FAST-BNB LP tokens, which can be staked via the “Farms” tab on the FastSwap Finance homepage

7. Select the “FAST- BNB LP”, approve the first transaction and

Click “Approve Contract”

then confirm to stake your tokens and start farming FAST!

Press “Confirm”

After completing the steps above, you are now farming FAST and turning that idle crypto into passive yield! As we continue to provide new updates and pools, the team at FAST will continue to provide details and more.

Happy Farming!





Suhail: Marketing Strategist and Project Advisor for Cryptocurrencies