We are Proud to announce that our FASTSWAP EXCHANGE is LIVE!

4 min readJan 27, 2021

Fastswap development is a paradigm change in our ecosystem. Fastswap Dex will attract a lot of new investors for our ecosystem tokens and ecosystem development.

For few weeks we have been doing research on how to make it a success and how to attract investors and traders to use FastSwap when we have big Dex like Uniswap and Sushi Swap.

As a result, we have successfully launched FastSwap V1, and V1.5 will go live this Friday, 29 January 2021 which will bring additional Liquidity, Pools, Staking & UI/UX

FastSwap is a decentralized exchange for erc20 Token and cross-chain swap powered by Polkadot. FastSwap is a bundle of different dapps in one place, from Token Swap to p2p, nft, vaults etc. Just like Sushiswap FastSwap share trading fees with Fast Holders.

Website: https://fastswap.exchange/

How to stake on Fast Bar

1) Go to https://fastswap.exchange
2) Click “Get Started”
3) Connect wallet
4) Click “FastSwap Shares”
5) Approve Fast Tokens
6) Covert to xFast

Circulation supply: 151,720 FAST

Total Supply: 714,371 FAST

Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/fastswap/

Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/fastswap

Thanks for your support, love and understanding for our ecosystem.


A. What will be done to attract traders to FastSwap?

1. Strong liquidity

Strong liquidity it’s obvious the only way that investors will have something to trade and Fast token pre-sale is the only way we can raise liquidity to start with. Strong liquidity for FastSwap will also attract investors to our ecosystem tokens like YFT and MVP because it’s obvious through Fastswap pre-sale we will raise enough fund to hire more good hands to build advance dapps and run our business professional by meeting up on time as scheduled. 82% of fund raised through fastswap pre-sale is mapped out for liquidity because it’s only strong liquidity will garuanteed fastswap success.

2. Incentives

Incentives is another way we can attract additional liquidity and incentives is the only way you can attract an investor to migrate it’s liquidity from uniswap to fastswap. Incentivizing liquidity providers is the only way we can garuanteed traders to FastSwap. The advantage is that it will give them opportunity to earn fund providing liquidity while using our products which if they are satisfied with their experience they will be a retain traders.

3. Marketing

Marketing is very important that’s why we mapped out 10% of total supply for marketing and 5% for exchange listing because good products need massive marketing. And marketing is the only way we will attract investors to fastswap. Serious marketing will also open us up to huge good partnership which will be another paradigm shift for our ecosystem.

4. Security

Fastswap is a Dex which will allow investors to trade raw liquidity in seconds through smart contracts, which means the risk is high base on the standard methods that is deployed to carry out this transactions. That’s is the reason why we have to audit fastswap Dex, before full launch to make sure that the fund of our investors and traders is secured. In addition to that we mapped out 5% of the total supply for security, bounty and bugs because security is Paramount and you need to incentivize others to help you out where you drop the balls.

B. How will FastSwap launch and success benefit our ecosystem?

1. FastSwap successful launch will be a paradigm change for our ecosystem because it will move us to a new league. It will open way to partnership with interesting and well established projects and their amazing communities. Which will add more values to our ecosystem tokens.

C. How will FastSwap token benefit our ecosystem tokens and how do we plan to reward YFT and MVP holders?

1. To start with YFT and MVP holders will earn juicy rewards through farming Fast token and 5% of Fast token total supply is mapped out as rewards for YFT and MVP farmers.

2. YFT and MVP holders will also share 50% of the trading fees from FastSwap.

D. What are the usecases for FastSwap Token.?

Fast Token is our exchange token and will also have usecases in our ecosystem just like YFT and MVP.

E. What will happen to YFT and MVP?

MVP and YFT is our ecosystem tokens and will have usecases on every products we will build in the future.

We have assembled a new team to build our NFTs and games which will allow players to use YFT and MVP to play in leagues. We will charge fees on it. YFT and MVP holders will share 50% profit from our games fees.

In short:

1) You get quarterly airdrop for one year for using FastSwap. The more you use the more you get

2) Stake Fast and you get revenue from fees. 100% of the fees will go to holders for one year

3) Provide liquidity and enjoy the high rewards

4) Participate in LaunchSpot projects (when launched)




Suhail: Marketing Strategist and Project Advisor for Cryptocurrencies